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How to find the right wireless charger for your phone?

                Wireless Chargers became the hot selling products after Apple introduced Wireless charging in iPhone X. Wireless charging is nothing but charging your device without the traditional wire but through the electromagnetic field. This is called electromagnetic induction. You need a sender and receiver to transfer energy. The Universal standard for Wireless charging is called “Qi”. The sender and receiver contain coil through which energy is transferred by induction.           

5W vs 7.5W vs 10W

            There are three variants of chargers are available in the market with 5, 7.5 and 10 watts. The 5 watts charger are the normal charger which takes more time to charge. The 7.5 watts charger is the fast charger for iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus and the 10 watts charger is the fastest charger available now for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will fully charge 30 mins quicker with the 10 watts wireless charger. I would suggest, you should buy 7.5 watts, or 10 watts wireless charger based on the model you have and whether you are planning to upgrade to the latest iPhone model. To be future proof you should buy 10 watts wireless charger if it is not too expensive. 

Single coil vs More coils

            Some brands boast of double coils compared to single coil in their wireless charger. Does this really make a difference? According to the test conducted, the presence of extra coils doesn’t improve the performance or reduce the charging time. So single or double coils does matter for charging time but the presence of more than one coil increases the surface area thus reducing the need to precisely align the device to the charger. So, should you have to buy a charger with more coils? Not necessary but if you are planning to use it to charge devices of different sizes then it is a good idea to buy a charger with more coils because this increase the surface area of the magnetic field thus eliminating the need to align precisely. 

Flat vs Upright

            The wireless chargers come in two shapes, flat and upright. But there is no difference in the charging time based on the shape, it is a good idea to select one based on your usage when you are in bed. If you are used to watch videos or want to use it as an alarm clock, then I would suggest going for the upright model as you can use it while it is charging. But you are the one who put the phone in silent mode before going to bed then the flat model is perfect for you.

Branded Vs Non-Branded

            There are both branded players like Samsung, LG etc. and non-branded players like manufactures from China. The benefit of open standards like the Qi is that all wireless chargers which conform to the Qi standard should work with any devices manufactured by name brands. So, doesn’t matter whether branded or non-branded wireless charger just make sure to choose quality and reliable wireless charger. Some brand may be very expensive, and the cheap non-branded ones may not come with the adaptors. Do the proper research and buy the one right for you. 

Desktop vs Portable        

            The desktop wireless charger is more efficient and fast than the portable wireless charges. It depends on how you want to use it. if you want to quickly charge your device on the go then the portable wireless charger is of no use. If you want to charge it through the night, they may consider but plugging with the wire is efficient and faster unless you forgot to bring you cable. So, the desktop wireless charger is a clear winner as of now. 

Case vs Non-case

            Most wireless chargers should work with a suitable case. Obviously, it is not going to work with the thick shock observing or waterproof case. But it should work flawlessly with the case which is only a few mm thick and doesn’t have any metal parts. It should work with any leather, silicon or other non-metallic cases which is less than 3 mm or less should be fine. 


            You should also consider other things also before narrowing down on a wireless case. The rubber pad that holds the charger from moving because you don’t want to damage your expensive phone. Also, since most of the wireless chargers come with LED indicator, you make sure you have control over the brightness or switch it off completely if you sensitive to light while sleeping. We recommend this Premium Quality Wireless Charger because satisfies most of the above positives.


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