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Jormungand, the Midgard serpent, was one out of three children. He and the others who were Fenris (the wolf), and Hel, (which meant death) were cared for by the Giantess Angroba and Loki. When the gods heard about these children, they thought for sure they would bring doom. Because of these predictions, Odin wanted to decide their fate. Hel was given the command of the underworld. Fenris was fostered by gods who tried to tame him. The Midgard serpent was moved by Odin into the ocean. Jormungand grew so big, that with her tail in her mouth, she could encircle the entire world.

The Midgard serpent was practically immortal except for, Iormungand’s one weakness, extraordinary physical force. The Midgard serpent can become invisible and intangible as far as humans are concerned. She can also cast illusions to disguise himself as ordinary things. The serpent's venom was lethal, even to Asgardian gods. The Midgard serpent could lift well over one hundred tons. Thor and the serpent hated each other a lot. At the final battle of Ragnarok, Thor smashed the skull of the Midgard serpent but Jormungand killed Thor too in his last dying struggles. It is believed that wearing Midgard serpent pendant will bring strength and power to the person. Order now before it sells out at

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